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Advanced Nutrients Big Mike with Grower at THC Expo Big Mike talks with William, who has been growing for five or six years in two four-light rooms, and when he switched to the Advanced line of nutrients, his yield doubled! He is really enthusiastic about the fuzzy roots that the AN products create on his clones!

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Australian Indoor Grow Room – Hydroponics with House and Garden Nutrients

The plants in the main grow room are 3 weeks into veg (after 1 week of sprouting from seed). Growing under a PowerPlant 600W Metal Halide Conversion Bulb. Growing in Canna CoCo, the ONLY CoCo substrate I will ever use!

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UW grad student’s hydroponic tower system grows lots of veggies

UW Ph.D. candidate Nate Storey describes his hydroponic tower system that uses fish to provide nutrients for his main product — vegetables. He tied for first in the 2011 Wyoming $10K Entrepreneurship Competition through the UW College of Business this past spring

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Spannabis 2012 Big Mike Interview part 2

We talk with Big Mike the CEO of Advanced Nutrients…

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Lettuce and Hydroponics pt1

Get some tips on raising lettuce and visit a farm that grows vegetables year round in a hydroponics greenhouse.

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Outdoor Hydroponics, First Hard Freeze 2012

Quick tour of plants after first hard freeze of winter. Plants are on south side of house, so it provides a great benefit of wind block from the north. Also have a dryer exhaust behind tomatoes, that I got up couple times last night to start the dryer for 50 minutes.

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Spannabis 2012 Big Mike Interview part 1

We interview Big Mike during Spannabis 2012…

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My first venture & success in Hydroponic farming. Here is my hydro Wheatgrass!

I have been curious about growing plants hydroponically so I decided to try it on a small scale with some wheat grass. With my own system I was able to sprout and grow Wheatgrass with only water.

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H2O Farm on BBC’s Countryfile

H2O FARM were very excited to be featured on Countryfile 15th January 2012. We had welcomed Adam Henson and the Countryfile team to our facility at the Spanish bit riding school in Dorney prior to Christmas to film the piece and the system looked fantastic on the TV. Adam took a keen interest in the concept of reliably producing tons of high quality fresh fodder every day and we explained the entire process along with actually showing him how we harvested and re-seeded the system.

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American Hydroponics Greenhouse (2012 NFT system)

The process of producing basil.

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