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When is it too early to love hydroponics?

Hydroponics is definitely the wave of the future. But it’s nice to get proof of this once in a while. The Hooked-on-Hydroponics Awards were just announced for kids who are involved with growing fruits, vegetables, or flowers hydroponically, in a classroom setting. Read all about it at the following url. (For the best hydroponic newsletter on the web, please go to
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When children and
teens explore how to grow plants hydroponically (without
and these
questions can lead to active investigations and problem
These studies may even lead to classroom business opportunities
or fuel student career interests. Not least among the benefits is the joy students experience harvesting a crop of their own incredible edibles or bounteous blossoms!
Wondering if a hydroponics unit
is right for your classroom?
Please visit our online Exploring
guide for
examples of topics and lessons you can pursue.
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