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Advantages of Home Hydroponics

Found this great website put up by Virginia Tech, where you can read all about home hydroponics! Educational websites are a great source of information for the home hydroponics gardener. If this clip whets your appetite, just click on the link and immerse yourself in their website–it’s definitely worth a visit!
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Soilless gardening offers many advantages to the home gardener. Since a sterile medium is used, there are no weeds to remove, and soil-borne pests and diseases are minimized, if not eliminated completely. Properly grown hydroponic plants also are healthier and more vigorous because all of the necessary growth elements are readily available. The plants can mature faster, yielding an earlier harvest of vegetable and flower crops. Hydroponic gardens use less space since the roots do not have to spread out in search of food and water. This small space requirement makes hydroponics ideal for home gardeners, and it makes better use of greenhouse space. The big advantage to hydroponics is the ability to automate the entire system with a timer. Automation reduces the actual time it takes to maintain plant growth requirements. Automation also provides flexibility to the gardener as one can be gone for long periods of time without having to worry about watering the plants.

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Discovered This Great Avocado Blog!

It’s a great pleasure to discover yet another avocado lover. This one provides incredible recipes, as well.

Here is a taste of this person’s blog. Enjoy:

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Other Ideas for Avocado 

Avocado PizzaPizza – Fresh sliced avocado on a freshly baked pizza (preferably a quality New York style cheese pizza) is delicious and easy.

Avocado SaladsSalads – Fresh avocado cut into cubes is great in most (if not all) salads.

Avocado SoupSoup – Avocado is perfect when added to hot served soup as a moderately heavy garnish, as one might do with freshly baked croutons or graded cheese.

Avocado Pizza

Avocado Salads

Avocado Soup
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