How 2 Part Nutrients Work on your Hydroponic Plants


Always keep in mind that the successful growth of your plants depends on what you feed them. The nutrient solution that you supply them plays a very important role in giving you a bigger and healthy crop. It is also very important to know that 2 part nutrients always work better compared to one part formulations. This is because a two part formulation is carefully designed to be more readily available to your plants at the right times, unlike a one part formula that has the tendency to cause build ups in your hydroponics systems because of the many elements present in it.

Plants require different ratios of nutrients during their vegetation and flowering phases. Therefore, it is more appropriate to use a formulation that contains 2 part nutrients. This is to maximize the potential of your plants in specific stages of their growth. These types of formulations are very competent in giving your plants the precise nutrients that they should absorb in a particular growth phase.

The 2 part nutrients focus mainly on what your plants need as they flourish in either their vegetative or flowering stage. For example, in the flowering stage, potassium (K) and phosphorus (P) should be more highly available because these macronutrients can contribute to budding, flowering and fruiting in plants. In addition to getting better and more nutritious crops, you can also use potent plant additives or supplements that can work well with your existing nutrient feeding program.

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