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Through Hydroponics, a Potential ‘Paradigm Shift’ for Agriculture

David Oberst, Sun Roads Farmory’s vice president of marketing and business development, adds that hydroponics requires virtually no acreage or farm equipment, and uses no soil, thereby significantly reducing the carbon footprint of agriculture. Oberst believes hydroponics, when harnessed into an efficient system, has the potential to dramatically improve modern agriculture.
Five years ago, Doore was exploring the possibilities of hydroponics when he heard about a company called Fodder Solutions out of Australia. Fodder Solutions manufactures and sells hydroponic growing chambers that sprout grain and legume seeds in less than a week – “seed to feed in six days.”

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Kellogg’s First Fruits hydroponic farm lets you pick your own produce

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St. Petersburg, Florida – Tucked away in a St. Petersburg industrial park, you’ll find a little bit of country and a new breed of farmer.

Armed with a scissors, Jeff Kellogg tends to his jillions of strawberries. “Just trimming the leaves off,” he says clipping away.

Kellogg’s First Fruits farm is a hydroponic operation. The crops are grown in vertical baskets and fed by a nutrient solution. This dirtless farming saves a lot of space. On only 1/3 acre, he has some 17,000 plants.

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Sustainable urban farming ideas that think inside the box

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Aerofarms bin. In my last Green State column, I wrote about Agriculture 2.0. The conference, held in Silicon Valley recently, brought together venture capitalists and sustainable ag startups in an effort to jump start a market for the regional distribution of fresh food.

This week I take a closer look at some of the companies that tried to catch the ear and checkbooks of the high-profile investors who packed that confab at the Four Seasons in Palo Alto.

One of the more intriguing ideas came from startups thinking outside the agribusiness box by developing urban farms in a box. Literally.

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