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pH Manifesto Your Buried Treasure Of Growing Secrets

ph-manifesto Hey – just posted a new video and report for you.

I’ve been working on a really in depth report on pH and how it affects your yields. And It’s not the usual stuff you’ve read about. This report is full of rock solid information that’s not normally found in hydroponics books or publications.

In fact, some of this information has never be published anywhere before in our community, and it’s totally new to hydroponics growing. It took a long time to put this together for you because it was highly technical information.

And of course the challenge with all that gobbley gook technical mumbo jumbo is to break it down into easy to understand chunks of information.

Watch the video on youtube…

Your pH manifesto will show you where you’re probably losing money, and in places you’ve never thought of.

Not your fault though, it’s just nobody ever talks about it.

Anyways, hope I did a good job of taking this technical stuff and making it easy to understand, if you like it tell me and I’ll do more of this kind of thing in the future.

Talk Soon 🙂

P.S. The pH manifesto shows you how to do some really cool stuff that will give you more consistent yields. And it will fully explain how to stop the silent yield killer that’s lurking in all our gardens.

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Sunlight Supply Wire Mail And Bank Fraud

Sunlight Supply- belly of the beast – Wire, mail, bank fraud and Sunlight Supply in this video.

Hey I had to make another video because Craig Hargreaves is apparently hard of hearing. Obviously this video is about some very serious and heavy stuff. Not for the faint of heart.

I’m going to be giving you a full and detailed interview because of this it’s 34 minutes in length. And frankly its not for everybody.

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Sustainability via Hydroponics at Cleveland Mall Green Market

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Cleveland Galleria Mall
Yesterday, we reported on the Cleveland Galleria mall’s plan to build a massive urban greenhouse where retail shops once stood. The real story, it turns out, is what the two people behind the Gardens Under Glass project have planned for tomorrow. An urban wasteland is being transformed into a green paradise.Hydroponics is easy to set up when you’re a hobbyist, but if you have aspirations of becoming a master grower, you owe it to yourself to read the best hydroponics newsletter on the web.

For more information on Hydroponics, please be a regular at our hydroponic stream on the web.

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