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Urban Grower: Medical Marijuana Heart of Gold

Went to a surprise party near Vancouver a few years ago. The surprise was this mysterious medical marijuana grower on the redwood deck outside the party house.

The guy was built like a tank but had a very friendly face. He was wearing sunglasses even though sun was nowhere to be seen. All the while, the dude was rolling Cheech and Chong joints crammed with a quarter ounce or more of freshly-ground BC marijuana each.

No sooner did he roll, lick, light and pass his marijuana phatties, but he’d reach into an industrial-size ziplock, yank out a handful of sticky, perfectly-manicured reddish-green buds, and start grinding more bud. This guy was a human machine, manufacturing huge blunts! Over the course of the party, his weed was responsible for rocketing dozens of brains into outer space.

He introduced himself to me as “Remo.” Was accompanied by his lovely wife Sandy.

His cigar joints tasted like candy and stayed lit easily, burning to white ash…a for-sure sign this guy was a skilled grower. All the other BC bud I’d been smoking was unflushed chemweed that made butane lighter companies rich because the stuff wouldn’t stay lit. That BC chemweed tore your lungs out.

Thank the gods that Remo’s medical marijuana had smoothness, kind flavor and THC punch like the finest outdoor organic bud…but he’d grown it indoors using synthetic hydroponics nutrients and a space age grow room.

One thing I noticed about him right away: no matter how much he smoked, he never got sloppy, brain-dead, or burnt out. And I just had to ask him how he was able to provide such copious amounts of medicine.

Turns out that Remo was a musician who enjoyed using and growing marijuana medicinally. He wanted to grow more…a lot more.

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2012 Feed your family by Aquaponics 1

Attended a 4 days training course between 4th to 8th October, 2010 in setting up an Aquaponics system in Hilo Island, Hawaii. It is organic certified process and very low cost to set up, scalable and use less than 1% of water and 40% energy compare to traditional commercial farming. The course is run by Tim Mann and Susan Friend, Friendly Aquaponics. Inc,

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39 Aeroponic Pepper UPDATE (DAY 63)

The 39 peppers have been in the aeroponic rails for 63 days and are doing great. In this video I show fruiting, long reach buzz pollination, and general info on my grow. Please subscribe and comment. Thanks for Watching.

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