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Humboldt Nutrients Say What? THC Expose 2010 Unbelievable!!! One of the Good Ol’ Boys makes an appearance at the THC Expose, but they don’t support cannabis! Their products are not plant specific and they don’t support our community! General Hydroponics is nowhere to be seen!…

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Grandparents Dave and Terry Switched to AN from GH–THC Exp Dave grew outdoors all his life, switched to indoor gardening 3 years ago. With his wife, Terry, he decided to abandon General Hydroponics and joined the ever-growing family of Advanced Nutrients clients. They says the quality of the buds they grow has improved tremendously and are surprised how easy it is use AN products. Bud Candy and Voodoo Juice are their favorites!

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Strawberries May Be Ideal Crop for Space Farms of the Future

Clipped from Popsci
By Rebecca Boyle Posted 05.04.2010 at 10:44 am

Astronauts on long space voyages would probably get pretty tired of freeze-dried meals, so scientists have long been trying to figure out how to grow space food to supplement their diets. According to researchers at Purdue University, strawberries may be one space-friendly crop. They say a low-maintenance strawberry cultivar called Seascape would do pretty well in space. It produces fewer berries than other cultivars, but they’re bigger and just as tasty.

Growing plants in space comes with several challenges, not the least of which is providing artificial light. Artificial-sunlight lamps need lots of power, and they generate heat, too, so a spacecraft or space base would need enough power to cool things down. There are no winds or insects to pollinate the plants, which is especially problematic for flowering fruits like tomatoes and strawberries. Roots grow differently in low-gravity environments. And water is a precious commodity, so space crops must do well with small amounts.

For more information on Hydroponics, please be a regular at our hydroponic stream on the web.

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Cannabis Planet Show 5, Part 1 Join the revolution for bigger yields, by visiting this url! Watch the video, and get a better idea of what allowing medical cannabis has done to the lifestyle of people in California. Medicinal marijuana use is on the rise and the Governor is even talking about general legalization! Happy 420!

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