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Hydroponics Secrets Nine, Hydroponics Foliar Sprays presents Hydroponics Secrets featuring Erik Biksa revealing tips and tricks to give hydroponics and organic growers bigger and better yields.

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How to Keep your Food Safe from Deadly Pesticides and Herbicides

Hydroponics is a great, fun and clean way to grow plants indoors by supplying water, nutrients, and oxygen to their roots. Hydroponic growing is perfect for fruit bearing crops such as tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, lettuce and herbs. By synthetically controlling every aspect of the garden, almost any kind of plant imaginable can be grown using hydroponics! The majority of hydroponic gardeners plant crops similar to what they would grow in a soil garden. If it can be grown in a pot with soil it can also be grown by using hydroponics with a soilless medium. In your indoor Hydroponic garden you must be the sole creator of all aspects of the plants environment

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