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Advanced Nutrients pH Perfect EXTREME Demonstration

Advanced Nutrients Big Bud FlowerAdvanced Nutrients presents “The pH Perfect EXTREME Demonstration” See how it works on three very different water pH levels. Perfect hydroponics nutrients every time, without adding pH adjusters or buying expensive pH hydroponics monitoring equipment?


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The Advantages of Using Beneficial Bacteria in a Hydroponics Garden

When you are growing hydroponically, you always want to make sure that all the factors that help in growing your plants are as perfect and effective as possible. If the pH, temperature, or EC readings go too far out of alignment, it could mean that your plants are not quite as healthy as they should be, or even worse, they could die off completely. So what do you do to create a less harmful effect on your plants even in worst growing conditions? The secret is using beneficial bacteria in your hydroponics garden. By using beneficial bacteria, you allow your plants to weather these less than favorable conditions with ease because they are more immune and stress-resistant.

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Baddass Ballast 1000W – Advanced Nutrients * Runs on 120V or 240V power * Powers HPS or MH bulbs * Premium electronics provide you unmatched reliability, function & efficiency for easier, more effective lighting * Your home and garden are safer because your new ballast has internal heat shielding and radio frequency shielding * You get flawless performance backed by an unconditional bumper to bumper 7 year warranty, the longest in the Industry * You save money because you generate more light and less heat & you customize how much light your plants get, which means bigger yields with lower costs

POWERFUL! Available in a TRUE 1000w electronic ballast with 3-way dimming technology (1000w, 750w and 500w) or a 4-way dimmable 600w version with a 660w overdrive mode (600w, 450w, 300w) to boost your lumens for the last few weeks of flowering for bigger yields!

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Home Made Hydroponics System on the cheap part 2

Advanced Nutrients Big Bud FlowerA cheap and easy homade hydroponics system that anyone can make.

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Advanced Nutrients & How Weed Won the West: Bigger Buds, Bigger Yields / / Kevin Booth, director of How Weed Won the West and American Drug War, takes you inside an urban growroom to show you the benefits of Advanced Nutrients plants supplements and Grow Goddess LED lighting systems. Don’t miss the 4/20 World Premiere screening events of How Weed Won the West!!

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Go Organics! with Jorge Cervantes

Advanced Nutrients Big Bud FlowerHigh everybody!! Spring is right around the corner and the northern hemisphere will be planting their gardens soon. Whether you’re an indoor or outdoor grower, organics can be a great way to grow top quality cannabis without any harmful effects on the land. Just look at these plants, they speak for themselves! Go organics!!

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