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Spannabis 2012 Big Mike Interview part 2

We talk with Big Mike the CEO of Advanced Nutrients…


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Seven-Year Veteran Vic Says “Stick With The Winner!” Advanced Nutrients Vic won $500 at the Button Game–but he’s a real winner because he uses Advanced Nutrients in his indoor garden. He started off with orchid food and through trial and error wound up with using two thirds of the AN product line. His favorite is Overdrive! Vic is convinced that “you get what you pay for.” He cautions newbies not to mix and match–“Stick with the winner, Advanced Nutrients!”

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Grandparents Dave and Terry Switched to AN from GH–THC Exp Dave grew outdoors all his life, switched to indoor gardening 3 years ago. With his wife, Terry, he decided to abandon General Hydroponics and joined the ever-growing family of Advanced Nutrients clients. They says the quality of the buds they grow has improved tremendously and are surprised how easy it is use AN products. Bud Candy and Voodoo Juice are their favorites!

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