How High? Super-Stoner Tips for Marijuana Maximization

In my previous article, I talked about a time when I needed more and more marijuana to feel what I used to feel with less marijuana. Everybody has their own relationship with the healing herb, but me personally- I got to the point that I only felt a mild buzz smoking nearly-pure THC concentrate and could not even feel the strongest regular whole bud.

So I started researching ways to keep on getting high and enjoying it, without causing myself problems. I now offer you some tips to help you make the most of marijuana in your life:

• Take a break. Unless your medical needs require that you dose yourself all the time just to keep pain or other symptoms at bay, try not using marijuana every day. Take a few days break until your brain feels unstoned again. This has the added benefit of clearing your cannabinoid receptors so you feel more of your high, and can better judge how strong your weed is if you’re a buyer or grower. If you want to judge the potency and quality of marijuana, you need a clean brain. Three to five days without getting high is a minimum for that. When you smoke again after a period of cessation, your brain is more neutral and fresh, so you can better evaluate the potency and qualities of your marijuana.

• Use different types of marijuana, different forms of it, and different methods of use. Many marijuana lovers sense that the brain habituates to a particular cannabinoid profile when you use the same strain of marijuana over and over. This might mean that your brain loves that strain and is adapted to it beneficially, or it might mean that your brain after a while no longer gives you anything fun when you use that strain. So try using strains that are radically different from the ones you’re used to. If you’re regularly using Kush, try using a pure Sativa, or vice versa. Mix up the types of hydroponics marijuana you grow or use, and see if it improves your ability to feel and enjoy the high.

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