Hydroponics Marijuana Growers: Kill Your pH Meter Now!

Advanced Nutrients Big Bud FlowerHydroponics marijuana growers have a love-hate relationship with hydroponics pH meters, and for good reason.

Marijuana plants’ roots can’t absorb all the essential nutrients your plants need unless the root zone environment and nutrients water are in a narrow range of pH. People argue about what range that is, but general agreement pegs it at 5.7-6.3.

Problem is, in most places, the water you get from the tap, rivers, rain, wells, reverse osmosis or elsewhere is not guaranteed to be in that ideal range. Out of pH range means your plants have nutrient deficiencies that harm their growth and yield.

And because of that, hydroponics growers have long labored with the hassle and expense of pH metering and adjustment.

Probably you and I could write a book about the hassles we have to put up with because of pH. Here’s a short list: pH meters are unreliable, no matter how expensive they are; pH meter electrodes fail and have to be replaced; pH meter electrodes have to be stored in special liquid that evaporates and then the electrode fails; pH meters go off calibration no matter how much you calibrate them; you can have two expensive pH meters (such as the BlueLab), calibrate them side by side, dip them into the same water, and come out with different readings; you can have two meters properly calibrated, take a reading, wait a few hours, take another reading of the exact same water, and it will be different; you have to use additives to get your water to go up or down in pH and you can often spend 30 minutes watching it ping-pong back and forth; pH adjustment chemicals are caustic and can burn you or your marijuana plants; inferior hydroponics nutrients (the majority of hydroponics nutrients are inferior) interact with water to change pH, especially during the course of a reservoir’s nutrients cycle; each root zone media (such as rockwool, coco coir, Pro-Mix, etc.) has its own way of interacting with pH, and on and on and on.


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