Baddass Ballast 1000W – Advanced Nutrients * Runs on 120V or 240V power * Powers HPS or MH bulbs * Premium electronics provide you unmatched reliability, function & efficiency for easier, more effective lighting * Your home and garden are safer because your new ballast has internal heat shielding and radio frequency shielding * You get flawless performance backed by an unconditional bumper to bumper 7 year warranty, the longest in the Industry * You save money because you generate more light and less heat & you customize how much light your plants get, which means bigger yields with lower costs

POWERFUL! Available in a TRUE 1000w electronic ballast with 3-way dimming technology (1000w, 750w and 500w) or a 4-way dimmable 600w version with a 660w overdrive mode (600w, 450w, 300w) to boost your lumens for the last few weeks of flowering for bigger yields!

VERSATILE! The only low frequency digital square wave ballast™ technology on the market designed to not only strike but operate both metal halide and high pressure sodium lamps stable. This technology effectively eliminates spectrum shifting and arc instability in turn producing truer colors.

EFFICIENT! Highly efficient design and operation reduces electricity, waste and heat.

BETTER LIGHT! Proprietary Square Wave Technology modifies arc shape increasing the effective length and surface area of the arc to produce greater lumens… lamps burn brighter and longer!

BUILT TO LAST! Hermetically sealed circuit board, durable construction and stringent process and quality control promotes better operation in harsh environments as well as active cooling reduces component operating temperature and extends component life.


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