Hydroponics Secrets, Organic Plant Nutrients

Douglas, a grower from Spokane, Washington, had been growing our types of plants for years.

He had recently switched to only eating organically grown fruits and vegetables and loved the health benefits. So he wanted to bring the same feeling into the crops he was growing.

Excited, he started with a common organic fertilizer called Earth Juice… and… in his own words it was “a nightmare”! Advanced Nutrients

Why? There were many reasons. If you’ve ever tried growing organically before, ask yourself if any of these problems sound familiar…

– It was extremely hard to mix and apply unless he watered by hand which took way too much of his valuable time…

– It smelled horrible, like raw sewage, and made Douglas and his family want to retch whenever they went near the indoor grow room in their home…

– Fungus gnats began breeding in the sludge and spread all over his plants, his house and totally disgusted him and his family…

– While he was getting a decent harvest before with a 3-part synthetic blend, his plants were now pale green, sick looking and he was left with an “overflowing toilet” type situation in his grow room!

– And worst of all, It built up like sludge around his Rockwool and became like what you’d see at a raw sewage treatment plant…


After his disgusting results, Douglas flushed out the Earth Juice and tried the next organic fertilizer his store recommended, Pure Blend Pro. But he soon found out it was just an additive and not a base nutrient.

Not only that, he discovered Pure Blend Pro was not 100% organic because it included ingredients like potassium carbonate, magnesium carbonate, calcium carbonate…

Even worse: these carbonates, which are included as pH buffers actually leak into the growing medium … build up over time becoming more concentrated … and eventually raise the pH of the growing medium … creating a less than ideal growing environment for plants.

On a mission now, Douglas was determined to find an organic nutrient blend that worked!

He tried some off-brand organic nutrients made by home brewers, including super teas, and found the same kind of problems over and over…

They were extremely hard to mix and use… smelled bad (so bad, they couldn’t be used indoors because of the raw sewage smell)… clogged his pump system… or they didn’t give the plants enough nutrients to grow strong.

Just when he was about to give up, he discovered…


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