Hydroponics, Nutrient Feeding

R.K. is a grand master grower of high profit plants from Santa Rosa, California. For over 15 years he used the same 3-part General Hydroponics Fertilizer in his 20-light grow room.

In his own words:

“You know how it is when you get used to something. You stop paying attention to whether you can do better. It’s like inertia. It’s easier to stay the same than to change, even if you could do better…

Advanced Nutrients

… My yields were not all that large and sometimes I noticed that the same mix amounts of this general hydroponics stuff would create a way different pH or PPM. Once or twice I saw that I was losing an entire crop, but it was hard for me to figure out that it was the general hydroponics fertilizer, not diseases or other problems. It was hard to admit I needed to change what I was using in my hydroponics system”

But luckily, R.K. heard about a brand-new 3-part formula … and … he had a lot of clones he could afford to try a new fertilizer on.

Although he was skeptical, he decided to test this new scientist-developed formula against the fertilizer he had been using for over fifteen long years in a straight up, head-to-head, growing test.

And the results amazed him…

“… Right off the bat, it was easy to see that my clones grew faster, they were greener and stronger, and they were ready for flowering about two weeks earlier.

“My bloom cycle was more productive… I used less fertilizer overall… and got better growth and yield. I guess I learned to keep an open mind and to always look for the best way to do something, not just the way you’re used to. Now, GROW-MICRO-BLOOM (GMB) is the solid foundation for my 20-light garden!”


While a premium 2-part formula like our CONNOISSEUR is actually the most effective way to precisely dial in a the exact nutrients and ratios your plants need… many growers enjoy the simplicity of an easy-mixing 3-part formula… and they still want the most effective formula possible.

That’s why they demand ONLY the best when it comes to:

Using 3-part formulas specifically designed for their high-value plants…

Using formulas with the absolute best and most potent nutrients and ratios…

Using the most advanced, state-of-the-art, “carrier molecules” to ensure their plants get the maximum amount of nutrients in the least amount of time…

Using the formulas which have been proven, in multiple scientific studies, to get more color, more aroma, more size, and more potency from our plants…

And using formulas which are not only highly-advanced and easily customizable, but easy to mix and use…

In fact, Grand Master Growers have found GROW-MICRO-BLOOM (GMB) from Advanced Nutrients is the only 3-part formula on the market which meets all these criteria.

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