Sunlight Supply Wire Mail And Bank Fraud

Sunlight Supply- belly of the beast – Wire, mail, bank fraud and Sunlight Supply in this video.

Hey I had to make another video because Craig Hargreaves is apparently hard of hearing. Obviously this video is about some very serious and heavy stuff. Not for the faint of heart.

I’m going to be giving you a full and detailed interview because of this it’s 34 minutes in length. And frankly its not for everybody.

Watch the video on youtube

Here’s the deal, I got an interview with an ex-employee of Sunlight Supply and he goes into great depth about how the good ol’ boys do business. If your a hydroponics store owner you’re absolutely going to be enraged and sickened.

This interview becomes pretty intense. I’m giving you this warning now, I use a little “colorful” language. And talk about violations to the federal RICO act.

Talk Soon

P.S If this kind of thing isn’t your cup-of-tea I totally understand. Unfortunately I had to make this video because the good ol’ boys are still up to their illegal acts. So as promised, I took it to the next level.


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    cultiv8 said,

    I think Advanced Nutrients has been more than patient enough and Sunlight Supply has had ample opportunity to mend their ways.

    I say it’s time to get the law involved.

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