Three Important Ingredients for Bigger Yields

Hydroponic Herbs

Three Important Ingredients that Help Produce Bigger Yields

Regardless of the type of gardening method you are using, the main goal is to always produce bigger yields. In hydroponics, there are three important ingredients that you can add to your nutrient solution that can exceptionally work for the development of your plants. First, you need the help of humic acid to create a favorable root zone condition that can pump nutrients and water into your plant in a more efficient manner. If you consider adding this potent ingredient to your plants’ nutrient feeding schedule, you can help your plants’ roots resist stress and drought because aside from the fact that it can strengthen your plants’ roots, it can also strengthen the internal walls of your plants so that they can handle the intensity of your indoor gardening environment. And if they are able to withstand any unfavorable condition in your grow room, they’ll have better chances to survive and grow as quickly as they can.

Another important ingredient that can help you achieve bigger yields in hydroponics is fulvic acid. Using fulvic acid as a form of hydroponics additive in your nutrient solution can help accelerate cell division. When your plants are able to receive more nutrients, it encourages photosynthesis, which gives your plants the extra carbohydrates that they need to grow rapidly. In fact, if you are using fulvic acid, it is a good idea to experiment with increasing the intensity of the light. The increased photosynthetic activity means that the foliage or leaves of your plants will be able to process much more light for your plants to rapidly grow.

Finally, beneficial bacteria can also help you create bigger yields in hydroponics because they can help your plants to become resistant against harmful bacteria that can lure your garden. This is because these helpful organisms can prevent the growth of harmful bacteria in your hydroponics reservoir, thus, making your plants healthier and more able to thrive successfully.

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    cultiv8 said,

    Good advice.

    If you haven’t used humic, fulvic, and beneficial bacteria you haven’t come close to seeing the full potential of your plants.

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