Sunlight Supply–The Truth Hey Sunlight Supply is using some really un-cool and unbelievably illegal STRONG ARM tactics by threatening to put a group of hydroponics storeowners out of business unless they start a boycott of Advanced Nutrients products.

Sunlight Supply CEO Craig Hargreaves will easily put these storeowners out of business because he controls the supplies of grow lights, bulbs and ballasts. Plus, the other things those storeowners needs to stay in business.

Sunlight Supply and the good ol’ boys club have been playing these shenanigans for the last seven years on our community. Now they’ve taken their scheming to a whole new and illegal level.

This video exposes the dirty underbelly of hydroponics good ol’ boys club and their leader Craig Hargreaves of Sunlight Supply – it’s pretty graphic – they’re actually doing this right now.

The video contains a lot of industry insider, store owner and personal stuff in it, so don’t watch it if that’s not your thing.

If you care about our hydroponics community and your hydroponics storeowner then you’ll definitely want to watch this now.

Sunlight Supply–The Truth Video on YouTube


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    cultiv8 said,

    I wouldn’t be this nice if it were me.

    No warnings, no chances to change their ways… I’d just report them, file charges, etc, etc.

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