Hydroponic Information on Pests and Pathogens

Most people think that growing plants in hydroponics saves them from pest or pathogen because it is soil less. But this is not always the case. The truth of the matter is that pests and diseases will always be something growers have to deal with, even in hydroponics. Important hydroponic information that any grower should keep in mind is that although hydroponics plants are cultivated in a controlled environment, they are still subject to any pest infestation that’s why it is important that they should know how to prevent this kind of attack in their garden.

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The indoor hydroponic garden is actually subject to pests’ attacks such as spider mites or white flies. In addition, diseases in the form of fungi or mold can also be a problem. In order to have healthy plants, the most common treatments are using a commercial pesticide, biological control which involves introducing predator insects to your growing area and use of a specially formulated pest control product found at your local hydroponic shop. But using a commercial pesticide can harm your plant, that’s why it is important for you to take note of this hydroponic information. These chemicals can harm both human and plants.

In addition, plant pests have often developed immunities to these products. So you just end up harming the plants while pests continue to multiply. On the other hand, specially formulated hydroponic products are safer, but there is still the risk of damage to plants if used incorrectly or too often. In this regard, just use this kind of hydroponics products if you have a need for it.


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    cultiv8or said,

    I’ve found that using potassium silicate helps to strengthen plants physically, making stems tougher and it seems to help them fight off pests. I guess it makes the plants harder to chew through.

    I use Rhino Skin, it really helps.

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